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Adult children of transgender parents' Journal
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Wednesday, October 5th, 2005
8:47 am
Wednesday the 5th
This day has begun with a bang. Vati called this morning and informed me he was going to the Dr. for a walk-in appointment for his 1st shot of T. I am just so excited I can hardley contain myself. After the phone call I was pumped I had to run around to clean house just to keep myself from bouncing off the walls. This was not as easy as it sounds since I did somewhat of a spring cleaning just yesterday. However, having a two year old and husband has paid off. Now I am hear trying to put my thoughts together.

I was talking to Vati and he mentioned that at the TGN party tonight a few of their friends were going to show their chests, post-surgery of course. I thought, what an interesting thing, to go from having a female chest that is taboo to show off to having a man chest, I mean, I couldn't run around topless and have it be ok, but these people can, wow. I think that's pretty damned cool. I can't imagine feeling like nature f*cked up and gave me a body that surely had to belong to someone else. I think that would have to be the worst torture. Thank goodness we have made such amazing strides with medicine. At least a person can begin to feel like they are sane and can actually feel and look like the person they should have been born as.

I have so much respect for anyone going through this. It has to be quite scary to come out and tell everyone that you are actually a member of the opposite sex. That you are going to begin to change physically to show who you really are on the inside. I think though, that if this is truely who you are, it will make sense to the people who know and love you. I say know, because sometimes, we think people know us, like parents for instance, when really, they love us and know what they choose to know. They can be the hardest peole to come out to if you're at all close to them.

Vati's case is quite a bit different. He has spent his life surrounding himself with people who can relate and understand him. If they couldn't then they were politely toss to the curb. Who has time to waste trying to change how people see and feel about you.

Well, the baby is screaming, must need something.


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Tuesday, October 4th, 2005
8:36 am
Telling the family
Well, Vati has decided that when he picks Toria up in 2 weeks to carve pumpkins he is going to tell her about his transition. I am a little nervous, not for Toria, but for Vati. My ex is not an open minded person and I feel like he should hear it first. I am worried if he hears it from his daughter, that he may get pissed. Vati thinks I should tell him since he never talks to my ex. I am not sure if this is what should go down. He may never talk to him, but maybe this is something that should come from "the horses mouth". I don't know.

I am proud of Vati, he finally makes sense to me. But that part of Toria's family may think of it as disgusting or foul. I can't know until they they know it first hand and I see their reactions. I am worried if they tell Toria first, they might not let her visit anymore. They might not want her to be exposed to such and event, or person. I wish they were more open minded. They're like hillbillies. I think that if Toria come hoome and tells them, that a lot of mean and misdirected comments will come out of their mouths and confuse her. If Vati speaks with them, it's possible they could help Toria to understand it more clearly. It could, of course, go the other way, but I think telling the adults first make more sense. I know I would want to know before telling her, and they are her guardians, they're entitled to that respect.

Just spouting at the mouth, stream of concienceness feeling and thoughts. If you have any comments, or thoughts about this, I welcome them.

Friday, September 30th, 2005
12:19 pm
This is a new community dedicated to the children and adult children of transgender, transitioning, gay and lesbian parents. Feel free to post your thoughts, feelings, experiences, concerns, etc. without fear of being judged by those who haven't had experience with this lifestyle. Welcome and enjoy.

Reigning Angels

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